remember when this was all about house/wilson?

Apparently the Gods of slash are punishing me. While cruising the tumblr for hugh laurie gifs for a war, I come across fuckyeahhousewilson. Season Seven somehow was extremely perfect. I specifically stopped watching because things stopped being awesome between House and Wilson. Then here they are, apparently getting massages together.


I gave them my soul for four years.
The House fandom continues to betray me.

You sluts.
harvey milk t-shirt

internet powers, activate!

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Okay, people. I need you to take this viral, and fast.

We know someone in upstate New York who needs a good custody lawyer ASAP. I'm not at liberty to go into details publicly, but this woman is very afraid that her abusive boyfriend is going to get sole custody of her young child.  She's presently being represented by a court-assigned lawyer who doesn't seem to care about the case, and she has very few resources left at this point. Her next hearing is on Thursday.

If you know a good lawyer in New York State who might be willing to take this case for a low fee or pro bono, or at least offer her advice or support, please let me know. If you don't know anyone, please repost this far and wide. As a mother and an abuse survivor, it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to contemplate a child being left in the hands of an abuser.

I can be reached at kythryne@gmail.com if you have any leads or want to help.

The internet can work miracles. Let's go.

Edit, Tuesday afternoon: Huge, huge thanks to everyone who has signal-boosted, offered resources, emailed me, and otherwise been willing to help. Our friend is overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Amy and I are driving over to New York tomorrow afternoon so we can provide support in person, and we are working on plans to help our friend and her daughter get back on their feet once the custody case is over.

(If you would be interested in donating an item or service to a fundraising auction in the near future, please let me know. Our friend is a talented artist and a wonderful mother to a beautiful little girl who deserves a safe home, and it wouldn't take much to make a huge difference in their lives.)

now an iphone user

thank you, verizon.
any of my dear friends use one and if so do you recommend an app for the LJ or just use safari?

pretty much all I'm updating about.
that and I'm literally one step from finishing my VFS application, which is ironically a writing part. something that I should be done with my of course and freezing up on.

oh, also, I totally need more icons. but I'm super stingy when picking ones for my account, if you haven't noticed by my old House/Wilson & Hot Fuzz icons.

FCKH8 and have bigger balls than me

I called one of the Tennessee's Senator's office to remind her to be a decent human being and vote No on the Don't Say Gay bill tonight, and when her assistant or whoever answered I said "Vote No on SB49" and then hung up. My heart is still racing a bit. I hate how phone calls in general make me anxious, but for a cause like this I really should have stayed on the line longer so they realized it's not full of wimps like me.

Please please help out and do better than me.
Reposted from Facebook:

Right-Wing homo H8ers are flooding key senate offices with calls. Can we beat them? Call These Senators & Say "Vote NO on SB49":
McNally: 615-741-6806, Tracy: 615-741-1066, Woodson: 615-741-1648, Overbey: 615-741-0981

Woodson is the one that answered.
house/wilson nsfw

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Mum's day is being spent changing my room into the office and the office back into my room. As I was cleaning out and nostalgaing, I found a journal I used to CARRY AROUND freshman year and write house/wilson fanfic.

I'm going to write it up, granted I don't laugh myself into a coma over the sheer Mary Sue of Wilson's "niece" who totally doesn't look like me in the post-chapter drawings.

I want to believe we're halfway through moving large objects across the deck, but I know it isn't true.

And today is my heavy period day. But I'm surprisingly useful these days.