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I'm madly in-love with Vancouver Film School.
I just talked to an admission's dude and everything is so magical.
The instructor for my dream course (writing for film & television) wrote for Three's Company, Full House, & The Jefferson's. His wife is a producer on some David Spade show on NBC (Rules of Engagement, not sure if I know it). And he's homies with David Guest, the dude who wrote A Mighty Wind & Best In Show.
He sounds crackerjack and exactly who I want to learn from.

We're planning to visit very soon (next week possibly) and if I like the campus, I'm going to do everything I can to be accepted.

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As always my older sister has given me super fantastical perfect gifts. These came from Sakura Con. We're considering going to a con as Liz Lemon (me) and Pete Hornburger (just so she can yell "HORNBURGER").



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USA channel is pretty much all I have now

They're showing House episodes from the season that I literally recorded then fast forwarded to scenes with Wilson and I find myself remembering the few reasons why I loved this show.
I'll most likely watch the series finale, whenever it is, just to see how everything ends.
But watching these episodes reminds me why it can be so painfully boring/repetitive. All the stupid decoding of motivations and reactions, blah blah. Shore tried to make it smarter than it was, also it's lasting three/four seasons too long.
You all know how I want it to end.

And still, my most used tag is HOUSE.

In other news, I've been a hermit once again. Not because I want to, but because mom's ADHD is out of control so I fear her driving us anywhere. And I'm not ready to drive with her giving directions to me behind the wheel. We all want me to get my license, ESPECIALLY ME. So all I leave for during the day is therapy and whenever dad is available we go to the gym after dinner and on the weekend. Also, eating is something I have to be reminded of since I just sit on my ass watching whatever is playing on TV and writing on gaia.

tl;dr life is getting painfully repetitive.

Writer's Block: Next stop: Hollywood

Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

So far Gatsby is 0 and 2.

I would cast that dude from the Mentalist as Gatsby, James McAvoy as Nick, Rachel McAdams for Jordan, Tom Hardy for Tom, and Amanda Seyfield as Daisy.
Those are just based on looks really, but I know I'm totally right.
Also, Kate Beaton would write the script, because she's a genius.

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I am such a terrible patient. my sister and I both got sick this week and she wisely spent the last three days resting and now she's much better. I should be sleeping right now because I'm feeling much worse now that I was two days ago & yesterday.
so far this is me:

too much effort was put into looking for gifs just now.
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Writer's Block: Arms wide open

If you had to choose, what couple from TV, cinema, or literature, would you choose as your parents?

my sister had a great title for me: the love child of Liz Lemon and Elliot Reid. I think they'd be interesting parents...though, they aren't exactly a couple. I guess Adam Savage and James Franklin Hyneman would work.

Also, I fucking hate Oregon spring. We literally had a hail + lightening storm for ten or so minutes and now it's all sunny. FFFFFFUUUUUUU